In the name of Allah, the Gracious the Merciful

Here is the father in his house located in a very narrow street (8 ft wide) in Aleppo Syria, in a very old neighborhood.  He was born in the same house.  He makes Azan in a small local Mosalla for Fajr, Maghrib and Isha prayers.  He enjoys being able to go to the local shopping place to buy his own needs.  He visited the US once and could not tolerate living in it for 2 months because the US locks people in their homes, their cars and big malls; a person who likes to walk has no place in the US!!!!



Here is the one who mothered 9 children, raised them, fed them, cleaned them and took care of them with a lovely smile on her face:


Here is the stairs leading to the narrow street where the parents live at the upper end of the stairs:


Here is the narrow street known in the past as Al-Maghazila with two grand sons standing at the door and holding hands on the shoulders; which is a sign of friendship and brotherly relation between very close friends.


This stairs leads to the upstairs where the family gathers in summer enjoying the nice gentle refreshing air.  This home is very dear for the parents and they would not trade it with anything else!!!!!!