In the name of Allah, the Gracious the Merciful

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1.     Durria married to Mohamed Sharabati with the following children:

Ammar, Yasser, Rania, Rafah and Hosam

2.     Hadia married to Abdo Habash, living in Soudia Arabia, with the following children:

Mohamed Iqbal (Ali), Anas, Firas, Osama and Baraa

3.     Mohamed married to Ibtisam Ghazal with the following children:

Ahmad, Dima and Khawla

4.     Omar married to Hind Warraq with the following children:

Noor, Lina, Ahmad Modar, Ayman, Aya and Abdul-Salam

5.     Abdul-Badi married to Raja Bankasli, living in the USA, with the following children:

Ahmad and his son Hamood Abou-Samra, Rouba, Tareq and Reem

6.     Fatima married to Kamal with the following Children:

Mohamad, Basel, Ahmad and Reema

7.   Boshra married to Jassem Al-Jassem, living at Al-Qamishli, with the following children

Mais, Malak, Haya, Dima, Diana, Lubana and Mohamad